Strategy Series 2021: Positive Social Selling

Social Selling is using social media to promote and sell your products or services.

Are you selling online? Do you use social media for sales? More and more people are buying online, and increasingly using social media to make decisions but also to make purchases. Are you effectively using your social channels to increase sales? We’re going to go through some of the key things to consider, and the key mistakes that we’ve seen, to make sure that you can get the best out of your social media.

Don’t oversell it!

We’ve all seen it, the social pages where every post is selling you something and pushing a product or service on you. Social media can help sales but it isn’t best used in that hard sell manner. This approach only puts people off and makes them unfollow, or certainly makes them stop visiting our profile.

We’d suggest you aim for a certain percentage of sales posts – and this is a maximum, not a target! The majority of your content should educate, inform, form connections, build trust and even entertain. Certainly add in some posts with the intention to sell your products or service, but don’t allow your page to be overrun by pushy sales content.

What do you want your customer to do?

This one is so important and so much overlooked. Take a step back and look at your social posts from a customer point of view. What is the intention of the post, and is it hitting the mark? If the aim is to inform, does it contain useful information (for your customer!)? If the aim is to entertain, will they find it interesting or funny? If the aim is to form connections and build trust, are you being genuine and showing who you are so they can get to know and trust you?

If the aim is to sell something, what next? What do you want them to buy? How do they get from reading the post to making the purchase? Is it a direct link, easy access, or is it difficult and confusing? If you were your customer would you follow through with the process or would you give up and move on?

Have you joined the dots?

I’ve seen this one a few times lately and it can happen so easily but is such an own goal it is worth the time to check and recheck to make sure it doesn’t happen.

I’ll give an example.
I was browsing on Instagram and came across a post with a product that really interested me. It was posted in a nice way where it was clearly a sales post but was interesting/entertaining and had a nice tone. So I read the description and wanted to look at or possibly purchase the product. I clicked to the bio to get to the link, clicked on the product the business had linked to on their website. I was ready to purchase, and then I realised the product was out of stock.

I know it can happen so easily and is difficult to keep updated, but this business had spent time and money posting (possibly even ad budget advertising) to get me to look at that post, get interested in the product and click through to purchase only to then lose the potential sale.

Blocking Social Selling - Photo by Travis Saylor from Pexels

I’ve also seen instances where the links don’t work, especially on Instagram where “link in bio” is almost an art form! It’s such a missed opportunity, you’ve done the hard work, make sure you take advantage when the effort is paying off!

Testing is key, make sure all of the pieces fit together.

Integrate Social Selling Intentionally

Facebook and Instagram both allow you to integrate your online shop. This can work really well, but make sure to plan your strategy first to make sure that it is the right thing for your shop. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should!

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