The Coppertops Spring Clean Week 2021

What’s the point of a Spring Clean? In many parts of our lives, an urge comes over us around this time of year to clear the decks, remove clutter and lighten our load – mental as well as physical. So (we think!) it makes perfect sense to extend this to our website and social media. Clear out the deadwood and keep only what is serving us to ensure that our online tools are as effective and efficient as possible.

Spring Clean Week Schedule:

Over this series, we will look at how to clear out various parts of your digital efforts to streamline your spring clean and reduce the energy absorbed by managing them. We will start with your website, where a full clearout can massively improve performance, speed and therefore search engine results as well as reducing the work involved in managing it for the rest of the year. What’s not to love about that?

Next, we’ll look at your social media profiles and feeds, deleting anything that doesn’t serve you so that your feeds look fresh, clean and professional – representing you and your brand to the best of their ability.

Thursday’s Spring Clean topic is a touchy one, data protection has become such a buzzword that this is absolutely essential maintenance to ensure compliance with the law. Besides that, though, it simplifies the running of your business and reduces the time spent looking for a specific person’s details or a specific file.

On Friday we’ll finish our Spring Clean week with a nice one to start your weekend. Clearing out the apps on your devices – computer, tablet, phone – increases focus, improves performance and reduces time spent looking for what you need to use.

By the weekend you’ll feel spring cleaned and fresh, ready for a new start on Monday morning!

Social Media-Spring Clean Week

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