The most predicted digital marketing trends for 2021.

2020 saw a number of new digital marketing trends that have changed the way we do marketing. While I’m sure we were all glad to wave goodbye to 2020, one has to admit that there were valuable lessons learned in the past year. People are online now, more than ever. Therefore, it is important to keep on top of the latest trends in digital marketing so that you and your business may continue to grow. We have compiled a list of the 6 most predicted digital marketing trends for 2021 to help you do just that!

  1. Virtual Events are here to stay (and no we don’t mean Zoom quizzes)

While they might have started off as a necessary solution during lockdown, virtual events have proven to be hugely beneficial for brands and businesses. They have widened the target audience, as people can attend a virtual event from wherever they are in the world (or even their bed). They rarely have a maximum capacity like physical venues and they are often recorded – meaning that even more people can access the event even if they are not able to attend at the time. Thus, virtual events have become genuinely popular, rather than just a solution to the pandemic and are something that you and your brand or business should seriously consider for the year ahead.

2. Using less social media accounts

Up until now, brands and businesses were encouraged to curate and manage multiple social media accounts, and to give equal focus to each. Not only does this take up lots of time and effort for digital marketers and social media managers, but this often leads to brands posting the same content to each platform – which can be boring for followers. Now, we are seeing a shift, brands are focusing more on their most successful platforms. This allows them more time to concentrate on creating memorable content for their consumers.

3. And we’re live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

Going live via video on social media has gained huge popularity in the last year by both brands and influencers alike. With Instagram and Facebook prioritising Live videos now, (think about how many times you get a notification about someone going live on these platforms), it’s important that you jump on this trend. Lives have proven to boost your page’s engagement hugely. This predicted trend is certainly one to try out in 2021.

4. Short-form Video Content

Tik Tok might have connotations with teenagers and silly dances, but there is no denying its popularity. It has taken the world by storm. Instagram introduced its short-form video option, Reels in the latter half of 2020 which is also gaining huge popularity. Again, as with any new feature, Instagram is prioritising accounts who utilise it. Video Content in general is being favoured by social media platforms and Tik Tok and Reels appear to be here to stay for the next while. They’re amazing for boosting engagement so have a go, play around with it – you might even have a bit of fun!

5. Shareable and Saveable Content

Likes and Follows are dead. Yes that’s right. Likes and follows are what we call vanity metrics – they are a nice boost for your own vanity, but in regards engagement – they mean NOTHING. Platforms are now favouring content that can be shared or saved – valuable content that is either helpful or educational or sharing advice is best.

6. Social Media as your one-stop-shop

Social media profiles have often been described as “your brand’s digital shop window”, social media helps to showcase your best products and services, the best of you. Now, with the advent of Facebook Marketplace and Instagram following suit with their shopping features, your digital shop window has become your digital one-stop-shop.

However, it is still important to have a website to direct your customers to. We have all seen various social media platforms come and go ( from MySpace to Bebo to Google+) Instagram and Facebook don’t seem to be going anywhere for now, but who knows what could happen! So it is always important to have a space that is your own, your own website to direct your customers and followers as your safety-net.

So there you have it! Our top predictions for digital marketing in 2021! Let us know what you think over on our Instagram

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The most predicted digital marketing trends for 2021

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