The Why and the How of One Page Web Design

Why should you choose a One Page Web Design?

One of the latest trends for websites is the one page web design. Often, the fact that a website has just one page doesn’t occur to its visitors so much as an impression of minimalism, ease of use and often subconsciously an impression of scrolling instead of clicking. The result of one page web design is a website that is easy to navigate and works extremely well on any screen size. This means that it is a great option for a responsive or mobile friendly website .

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The most difficult part of creating a one page web design is the same difficulty new users of MS PowerPoint have to overcome – resisting the urge to use all of the available trickery! Obviously a one page website will not have as many items included as the typical multipage site. However, a good design will allow you to include the most important functions without cluttering up the look of your website. Try to think of it as scrolling to move to another page, as opposed to the traditional navigation of clicking between pages with links and menus.

The Benefits

  1. A One Page Web Design tends to feel like a story to the user, making it easier to lead your visitor through the information you want to give them and bring them to an action you want them to complete – contacting you, signing up for a newsletter or even buying from you!
  2. Your website is therefore more likely to have increased conversions (ie converting a browse to a sale). This is because you are leading your visitor through a sequence of items and finishing by showing them the action that you want them to complete.
  3. A one page web design naturally forces you to simplify your content and your message. A simpler message is a clearer message, so your communication with your customer is automatically improved as a result.
  4. Scrolling down a web page is natural to people, most social media sites operate on this principle to take advantage of the natural tendency of people to read to the bottom of the page and in addition the massive usage of these social media sites has made it even more natural for us to scroll when viewing a website!
  5. Having only one page is the ultimate in low maintenance websites! Your only concern will be making sure your software behind the scenes (for example, WordPress software, themes, plugins etc) is updated and kept secure.
  6. You won’t have to create a huge amount of text for your website, even the content is minimalist.
  7. Your One Page Web Design can have an extremely impressive look, with clean lines and no space wasted with menus etc.
  8. Within your one page you can include portfolios, videos, google maps, contact forms, etc. It’s important to make sure that you don’t overcrowd the design and to ensure that your page has a flow for your visitors to follow.
  9. Visitors are less likely to “bounce” (leave your website quickly to go elsewhere) and are more likely to “share” (post your website on their social media pages to show their friends and contacts)

This is a trend that is not happening for the sake of doing something different or new, this is a trend that is based on something that can work extremely well for you and your business.

So who is choosing One Page Web Design?

If you want to see this idea in action, or if you are wondering whether you have seen a one page website without realising that it fell into this category, here are some examples of websites that are one page sites. These are big organisations who don’t feel the need for lots of pages to tell visitors what they do:

Should I opt for One Page Web Design?

Unless you have lots of updates and stories to include on  your website then this option should work for you. In fact, even if you do have a blog or a newsfeed, you can still consider making use of a one page web design for part of your website. So, for example, you can have all of the info about your business, contact options, maps, etc on one page with a link to your blog.

With this in mind, we offer a one page website which is ideal as a starter website and which we can then add additional pages to if they are needed – for example, a blog page showing your news posts.

How to go about creating your own One Page Web Design?

The key to a one page website is to plan your story – imagine your visitor scrolling down your web page and design your narrative accordingly. By the time they scroll to your CTA (Call to Action) at the bottom of your page, they should have all of the information that you wish to give them about why they should take that action

What kind of One Page Web Designs are possible?

The website One Page Love has gathered a collection of great examples of one page websites from around the internet, this is a good place to start and to find inspiration for your own website. However, your own one page web design should be exactly that: your own! So make sure to take inspiration and craft it into something personal to you.

If you would like some help, feel free to contact us. We can help you to figure out the best approach for you and your business and create a customised proposal and plan to create a website that represents you.

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