Trading Online Voucher Application Extention

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The Local Enterprise (LEO) have extended the deadline to apply for the Trading Online Voucher for businesses. 

The scheme is aimed at businesses with little to no online presence, who want to enter the world of digital. Funding may be used to add an online shop or a payment facility to an existing website, build an entirely new website or even to create online advertising, such as Facebook ads.  

The funding can also be used for social media for training you and your team, or for employing a digital marketing strategist or specialist to help you and your business. Social media is a great way to connect with your customers from afar and keep them updated with new products and services.

A portion of the total cost can also be used for running online ads. Facebook ads can be a great way to run really targeted marketing campaigns to grow your business.

The Trading Online Voucher offers up to €2500 towards the total cost of a project.

In “normal” times this is calculated at 50% – LEO will offer €2500 towards a project with a total cost of €5000, which means a cost to you of €2500.

With the improved terms in response to COVID, LEO’s contribution is now 90%, meaning you can get €2500 towards a project with a total cost of €2750 – reducing your cost to €250.

The amounts are calculated on the total ex-VAT and the contribution from LEO will be reduced for projects with a lower total value.

Going digital has never been so important for us and our businesses. We know it might be daunting and scary, but we are here to help you and your business. 

As we enter our second lockdown, it’s important to think outside the box in terms of how we do business and how we stay connected to our customers.

Physical shops may be closed, but online is always open. 

Help yourself and your business and contact your LEO today! The specific supports for covid are currently available here: with the COVID Trading Online Voucher here:

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