How to use Social Media if you’re a small business

Social Media and Small Business

As a small business owner, you’re always being told to get online and use social media. There is a real sense that if you’re not using social media NOW, you’re losing out. And in a sense that is true.

However it is better to be cautious. Taking time to look at your customers and what social media they use, is a much better and profitable exercise for you than rushing to sign up to everything.

So how do you know what social media your customers are using? Well ask them.  This way you know exactly what social media platform to use to connect directly.  The majority of your customers may only use one or two, so you need only use one or two.

And remember to use it effectively.  Don’t just use it to keep advertising your products or services or you will turn your customers off.  Use it as a way to engage them. Answer the questions they have, bring information to their attention you think they’ll find interesting.  Social Media should be about engaging more than advertising.

And remember social media is only one element of your marketing strategy so don’t use it to the exclusion of everything else.

This post was based on a podcast where Muireann Fitzmaurice of QED Training, was interviewed by Jonathan Healy of Newstalk as part of Newstalk’s great series of lunchtime podcasts called How Social is your Business.

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