Why is my website not appearing on the first page of Google?

You have a new website but when you google your product or service, your business doesn’t appear.  This is a common issue that our customers come back to us with as they question-mark-1829459_640don’t understand why their website isn’t being found and they think there is a problem.

There isn’t. However getting to the first page of google (and we also include all the other search engines here too), isn’t an easy or straightforward thing. It doesn’t happen automatically, it can take time and it is something that you as the website owner, need to be involved in.

When you first launch your website, the search engines don’t know that it exists yet. It will take time for the search engines to crawl the site (i.e find it) and index it (i.e make a list of its keywords). You can submit your site to the search engines but really this will only shorten the process by a day or two. There is no real way of speeding up this process, it takes however long it takes as it is outside of anyone’s control.

Once it has indexed your site, you may now appear on the search listings but on page three or four.  We have received indignant phone calls from clients who say that there competitors on are page one and they languish on page four. Upon investigation however there are a myriad of reasons for this.

Age of Website

If a website has been around for a number of years, it will feature above a brand new website. The search engines have known about it for longer and have indexed more of it.

Responsive Website

Many of the search engines believe that mobile is the future and are penalising websites that are not viewable on mobiles or tablets. You need to ensure that your website is optimised for viewing across all types of devices. If your site is not responsive, it will slip down to page three or four that’s if it’s returned at all.

Regularly Updated Website

Search engines like to see that you update your website regularly and keep the content moving. Blogging is an easy way of updating your website content and has the added bonus of encouraging your website viewers to share your content. The content must be engaging, relevant and of good quality too. This is another plus for getting up to that first page.

SEO Ready Website

This means researching and using your keywords, having alt tags on images, outbound and inbound links and being registered on local directories.

Social Media Presence

A good social media presence is also a must, again with relevant and engaging content. The search engines will rank you more highly if they see that you are a credible authority on the product or service you offer, so much so that users are sharing your content.


In Summary

Google wants to return the most accurate and suitable results to a search it can and it uses all the above to decide if your website best suits what the user is searching for. The more you have of the above, the more likely your site is to be returned on the first page.

Being found on the first page of search results is also called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. As you can see having good SEO is a whole process in itself which is why we, amongst many others offer it as a separate service. It takes time and effort to get it done well and right. And it also means that the site owner must commit to making updates and being on top of their social media or hiring someone to do that for them.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss how to get your website on the first page of search engine results.

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