What We Do

Digital Marketing is all about using the right digital tools to make the maximum impact on your business with minimum effort.

For any business, a proper online presence can mean:

  • One consistent voice/brand and message across all platforms
  • Access to larger markets
  • An increase in customer enquires AND sales
  • Reduce costs – purchasing, banking, stock control
  • Better market intelligence
  • An online presence 24/7 so when your bricks and mortar shop is closed you’re still selling
  • Being online does not displace existing sales but adds to business revenue stream

Coppertops can offer a one stop shop for ALL your digital needs, Website Design, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Management and Training, in ONE place.

We offer ways of using the world of digital to your advantage, allowing you to work smarter not harder, saving you time. We offer modular pricing so you only take the service you need, saving you money. Coppertops can provide real world, effective digital solutions that will work for you.

Some of the services we provide are:

Website Design Services:

All our websites are fully responsive for correct viewing across all devices, SEO compliant and feature a unique designed customised to your business. We offer full documentation so you will always know where it is hosted and how to access it and support post launch so you’ll never be on your own.

More information on our Web Design Services


Social Media Services:

Social Media can be a minefield and the temptation is to try everything or avoid it completely. We can advise you on only the most appropriate Social Media for your business, design and set up your accounts and give you help and advice on how to run and manage it. And we promise to ONLY give you what you need and no more.

More information on our full Social Media Services


SEO Search Engine Optimisation:

We offer two SEO services. If you already have a website we can implement SEO on the site and advise you how to monitor and improve your rankings. If you don’t we can implement a full SEO suite on your site, we can demystify SEO, explain how it is achieved and teach you how to manage it yourself or we can manage it for you, ensuring your business is always found first online

More information on our SEO Services


Content Management Services:

Our Content Management services are for those businesses who don’t have the time or the know how to update their website or social media. Coppertops to manage your web and social media content strategy and to add posts to your website and Social Media. We provide an easy solution to save you time and money.

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Training Services:

We believe in the importance of Training and offer a FREE one hour training session with all our websites. We can give you training in Web, Social Media and managing your own content so you always have the knowledge and confidence to take control. We can offer Social Media Training in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

More information on our Training Services


All our services are flexible and customised, so you can choose what you need and pay as you go. Let Coppertops provide you with a hassle free solution so you can get back to the thing that matters most; running your business.