Content Management

Some figures say that businesses are spending 11 hours managing their online presences. That is 11 hours that they aren’t out there working in their business. It can seem like a waste and a reason why many businesses are reluctant to take on Social Media because they know they won’t have the time to devote to it.

At Coppertops, we understand that for a lot of people having to update websites Customer Supporand keep on top of your social media output is not just confusing but time consuming. We know that your time is very valuable and that sometimes you simply can’t take care of everything you need to. So let us do that for you.

Content Management

Our Content Management Service means that we can handle all the updates of content to your website AND Social Media accounts. If you have a new blog post, some text changes, imagery, or new products to upload or a special offer you want published across all your media, we at Coppertops will take care of all that for you.

The customer provides the content to Coppertops and we will ensure that it is scheduled to appear on the website and social media at the most appropriate time. We can even manage customer feedback and interaction on the site/media. And like all our services were you only pay for what you need, the content management fee can be paid for on an ad-hoc basis (only pay for the month you need something done) or as an annual fee (if you are going to have lots of changes).

This will take away the burden of keeping all your content up to date, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters…running your business.