Social Media

Social Marketing is all about finding and engaging with your audience. Using Social Media well improves your chances of being found by your customers, and can help increase the volume of new business.

It’s easy to get intimidated by the amount of social media platforms available and the rate of development. However, no business no matter how small can afford to ignore the power of social media to find new customers.

Let us show you the way! Coppertops Digital Marketing will help you to develop a strategy for using the right social media in the right way to maximise the potential for your business. We offer:

Social Media Creation

  1. Select the appropriate social media platforms for your business
  2. Setup and customise your social media presence
  3. Integrate all the elements of your social media presence – along with your other marketing strategies in print or website (for example appropriate apps, promotions, competitions etc)
  4. Provide social media training to allow you to maintain and update your own social media presence effectively

Social Media Management

  1. Manage and maintain your Social Media your social media presence on a monthly basis to ensure your business is kept current and fully engaged with your customer. This will maximise the opportunities for growth and harness the power of this direct customer interaction.
  2. Rates are per platform and per month, although we do offer a discounted fee for those who sign up for six months or more and pay upfront.

Social Media Upgrade

  1. Optimise your current social media profile
  2. Upgrade social media branding to improve the look of your social media presence
  3. Optimise key information improve the performance of your account for more accurate marketing & SEO results.


    One element of the success of Social Media, is knowing which Social Media is right for your business. Coppertops Digital Marketing can help you to select the most appropriate platform, get your business set up and show you how to use it effectively. These are the platforms that we work with:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Social Media

    • Google+
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Youtube
    • LinkedIn

    Don’t get left behind, talk to us now!