Why we do what we do?

Why we do what we do?

This is the story of why we got into business and how it came about.
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Do you know why you got into business? Do you remember? Why did you get into the business you’re in? Was it a family business, did you train in a skill? Or did it just come about organically?

Our business evolved out of another business that Andrea and I were involved with. We both worked as Business Developers with Avon previously. It was how we met.  We were surrounded by these really skilled people who ran teams of between 50 and 200 representatives. They were really successful and busy business people. But we found that many of them had no idea how to promote themselves. They had very little promotional material or advertising, few even had websites of their own. Fewer still had the large amount of cash they thought they needed to get a proper website designed. Most were intimidated about that part of their business and lacking adequate time to explore it properly, pushed it to one side and never did anything about it.

So when Avon pulled out of Ireland, Andrea and I were left out of work and searching for something to do. During an Ideas Generation workshop (thanks Muireann!) run by the lovely people at the Fingal LEO, we considered our ex Avon colleagues and how this issue had affected them.  Could we use our complementary skill sets to help small business owners?  I had twenty years experience in the business to business environment, Andrea had a Masters in Computer Science (including much coding and web developing). Both of us had run our own small business so we knew well the challenges faced.  Perhaps we could take the fear out of the process, give small business owners control and confidence? And do it honestly, openly and affordably.

So that’s what we did. We set up Coppertops and we’re growing it steadily. We’re not the biggest but we’re passionate about what we do, we won’t let you down, we will treat you honestly and with respect. And at the end of the job, we never say goodbye. We don’t believe in leaving our customers to their own devices when the job is done. We are ALWAYS here for our customers, no matter how long ago the job was completed. I suppose you could call that the vision and values of our company. It’s how we work.

Now you know why we do, what we do.

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