How to make your content stand out this Christmas

It may only be two weeks until the big event – but there’s still plenty of time for you to make some great content that your audience will love!

But why?, I hear you ask! Because more than likely your customers and your target audience are thinking about Christmas. Posting timely and relevant content resonates with your customers. Christmas content in particular tends to evoke an emotional reaction in consumers.

However, as usual with content creation, creating good content that your audience will engage with and enjoy takes a bit of effort.

Creating content is my favourite part of my job, I love playing around with images, fonts and colours. However, I understand that creating content can be overwhelming for some people. So, here’s my handy little guide to creating Christmas content that will stand out and look great.

Step 1. Staying true to you

The first step to creating any form of content is to think about your brand and the message you want to present to your audience. Create content that is the same tone as your brand, with similar colours and a brand voice that is distinctly yours.

Step 2. Search for Inspiration

Have a look at Pinterest – Pinterest is a great platform to gain inspiration and post ideas. You can use the search bar to discover different Christmas aesthetics, and to find one that suits your brand best.

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Gift guides, countdowns and giveaways are great ways to get your audience involved and engaged with your content. Gift guides are more likely to be shared and saved by your audience, which will help you earn some extra reach in time for the new year.

Here I have searched for #christmasgiftguide on Instagram for inspiration. But you can also check out articles from Yay Cork and other online publishers for inspiration.

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Step 3. Creating Good Quality Content

Once you have found your inspiration it is time to get creative! (It’s not as daunting as it seems!!)

Tools such as Canva are a great help for those of us who are not Graphic Designers or Photoshop whiz kids! There are thousands of free templates to choose from, and the software is super easy to use and can help you to create content quickly and easily.

Below I simply searched “Christmas” in Canva and lots of templates have appeared. You can stick with the template if you would like, but I would recommend that you add in your own brand colours and possibly your logo – this ensures that your audience will easily recognise your content.

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If you have been shooting your own content (photos, videos etc.) throughout the year, there are plenty of apps to choose from that can help you to repurpose content from throughout the year and give it some Christmas sparkle! PREQUEL, SNOW AND INSHOT are some of my personal favourites. Play around with different effects, even something as simple as adding a snowy effect over a photo or video can create subtle Christmas content. Some of these apps require a subscription

Also don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If your brand uses neon colours, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate brighter, non-traditional Christmas colours into your content.

Step 4. Have Fun

We’ve all had a rough 2020, so we can all do with some feel-good content. Aim to post content that you know will gain a positive reaction from your audience.

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