Day 5: Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

To finish off our Spring Cleaning Week, we are going to be discussing how best to Spring clean your Social Media.

We hope you’ve found this week helpful and that you feel fresh as a daisy and ready to tackle next week with a positive outlook and (hopefully) a lot less clutter! – don’t forget to use #CoppertopsSpringClean to let us know if you’ve done any Spring Cleaning this week.

Without further adieu, let’s jump right into to cleaning out our social media.

  1. Media (Pictures/Videos Etc.)
    Social media is a hyper-visual environment, and if you’ve been around for a few years you might have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures on your social media. I would start with the very oldest ones, archiving ones that are no longer relevant or that don’t represent your business and your brand vision. A picture of you and your friends in Malaga in 2012 is probably not relevant to your business in 2021!! Similarly, your tagged photos should also represent you and your business in a positive light. Start by untagging your business page from any spam pictures. Archiving your pictures on Instagram or removing them from your timeline on Facebook is a good option if you’re feeling sentimental and don’t want to delete them completely.
  2. Follower’s Lists
    Think about who you follow on social media. Have you noticed that your social feeds are clogged with content that you just don’t enjoy and that you’re missing content from accounts that you’re interested in? This might be an indicator that it’s time to purge your follower’s lists. Unfollow pages that you don’t enjoy or don’t find relevant. Remember that social media should be an enjoyable experience for you too!
  3. Check your Content
    Now is the perfect time to evaluate the content you are putting on your feed. Do your graphics look outdated or blurry? Is your content lacking engagement? If so, you may need to sit down and re-evaluate your digital marketing strategy. If your content looks good and engages your audience, this is in turn good for your business. Engage your audience with helpful content that they can share with their friends or save for later for themselves. To improve the look of your content, pop on over to Canva and check out some of their templates. You can also check out our Strategy Series, where we talk about all things digital marketing and how to improve your strategy.
  4. Passwords
    Finally, make sure your passwords are up-to-date and that your account is secure. Recently, Instagram has been experiencing high volumes of accounts being copied and hacked, hence, they are recommending that you change your passwords to ensure your account remains secure.

And there we have it. Our Spring Clean week comes to an end. We hope that you have found this week helpful, and that you have been inspired to Spring Clean your digital clutter. I know that we feel much better and less chaotic having completed this week.

Social Media-Spring Clean Week

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