We offer a number of extra services you might be interested in.

Design Services

We offer a full suite of design services including logo design and branding, design for advertising, flyers, business stationery, business cards and pull up banners (roller banners).
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Domain, Hosting, Maintenance & Security

You have your website but the hosting is costing you a fortune and the updates are being done. Why not change to Coppertops? We offer

  • 1 Year Domain Renewal
  • 1 Year Website Hosting
  • 1 Year Email Hosting (and email options)
  • 1 Year Maintenance on your site
  • 1 Year Security updates on your site

This will ensure that your website is safe, secure, all the maintenance patches are implemented and the spam and junk mail filters are in place so you need never worry about it again.


You have a very particular industry or product and you need some quality images for use on the camerawebsite and promotion.
Coppertops offer a photography service where we will take high quality imagery of your products, premises, service or staff, providing a CD/dropbox folder of images to the client for their own use.

  • Two (2) hour photography session
  • Within 1 hour drive time of Swords
  • Post Production service on imagery ready for use
  • Cient retains full copyright of the images

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Imagery Pack

Choosing imagery can be a nightmare, especially as so many are copyrighted. How are you to know which ones you can and cannot use on your website. Don’t wait till you receive a legal letter, get some advice now. Coppertops will work with you to choose the correct imagery for your site or promotion, both from a style point of view and which images can be used in the correct format.
We can arrange for the purchase of images which are then supplied to the customer via CD/dropbox folder.
Just one more thing you DON’T have to worry about.