Duncan Smith : Website

Website Design for Duncan Smith Labour Councillor, Fingal County Council


This is an example of how a website can work really well not just for a business but an individual.

Duncan Smith is a member of the Labour Party and a Councillor for the Fingal County area.  Despite the fact that there are only two pages on this website, it contains all the required information. We were able to include a biography of Duncan, a news and updates section, a photo and video gallery, a google map, contact form and a blog that Duncan can use to share his own opinions or respond to questions.

All of the functionality fits very well on this site, which can be expanded if Duncan needs to develop it in the future.  It is also very responsive for viewing on mobile phones, tablets and various other devices.

The colours of the site were chosen deliberately to reflect Duncan’s connection to the Labour party.

We’re proud to launch the new website for Duncan Smith today.

Pssst! Pass it on!
Duncan Smith, Labour Councillor Web Design

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